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Italian Design & Handmade in Switzerland

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  1. How are the products De Giorgio manufactured? Each product is manufactured in Switzerland: Polished and refined or powder-coated by hand.

  2. Where can I get an overall view of all products? Please visit our homepage and download the catalogue on the page of each desired product line.

  3. How can I get more information and advice? We will be pleased to give you advice by phone under +41 41 422 02 90 or by email mail@degiorgio.ch

  4. Can I individualize my order? Yes, we can customize your product with your personal engraving.  

  5. How can I order? Just send us an email at mail@degiorgio.ch

  6. How much are the shipping costs? Depending on the order and destination the price can vary. The exact costs will be mentioned on the order confirmation.

  7. How long does it take to ship? Depending on the product within three to four weeks or upon request.

  8. How is my order packed? Each product is packed individually in a stable packaging.

  9. How do you send my order? We send all orders by courier or by post.

  10. Can I pick-up my order at De Giorgio Galleria in Luzern? Yes, you are most welcome to set an appointment to pick up your order.

  11. Can I place my order with Officina De Giorgio although I do not live in Switzerland? Yes, we ship worldwide.

  12. How can I pay my order? After receipt of the order you will get an order confirmation asking for prepayment with the banking details.

  13. Where does the name De Giorgio come from? The creative mind behind all De Giorgio products is Carmelo De Giorgio. He gave his name to the brand.